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My Story

Before learning the skills that I am now teaching and coaching others, my husband and I were on the brink of divorce. He was in his first year of chiropractic school, going further into debt everyday, and just had our first child.

We were disconnected, feeling like roommates and our marriage was just another stressor. I was depressed, overwhelmed, and felt unheard… I wanted OUT.

Since implementing these life skills: my husband and I are looking forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary and welcome our third baby. We bought a chiropractic office where we harmoniously work together (99% of the time). We are on the same page financially. We share freely without fear of judgement and actually listen. Not to mention a more peaceful home life – well, as peaceful as you can have with a 3.5 and 1.5 year old.

Hi, I'm Alyssa

Hi, I'm Alyssa

I help women who are on the brink of divorce to feel seen and heard, navigate financial conversations, find the time for connection, and create the marriage they desire.


I’m so happy to have you here!

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Get off the hamster wheel of marriage. Learn the skills to reconnect with your spouse & get on the same page.

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More tools, resources and reading to get you on the path to restoration for your marriage.

Number One Lesson from Being on the Brink of Divorce

Number One Lesson from Being on the Brink of Divorce

I remember thinking, "if he would just change (this), or if he would do (that). THEN, I will be happy and will stop thinking about getting a divorce." Well, let me tell you, I am blessed with a husband who changed almost instantly. Yes, there were still issues we had...

Communication is Key in Marriage… Or is it?

Communication is Key in Marriage… Or is it?

We've all heard it, "communication is key." Yet, 65% of divorces list "communication" as the reason. What's interesting is that we communicate every second of every day. So, what communication are they talking about. You can frown at your spouse - that's...

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