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What is marriage coaching? Marriage coaching creates a partnership between the coach and couple (or just one spouse). Coaching is present and future focused, helping you to get to your desired outcomes. Coaches are experts in the process, while you are the expert in your relationship and ultimately have the answers to what will work best for you. They are there to listen, focused on your well being and progress, and ask powerful questions to help you get to your solution.

How is this different from marriage counseling?

Counseling may or may not be client-driven and is normally focused on the mental illness, or other behavioral issues that is out of a coaches scope. They may focus on thoughts, emotions, patterns that cause distress and may be abnormal responses to life. Then, coming up with a treatment plan for you to follow.

Coaching and counseling can overlap the other, and are both helpful in their own right. The main factor is what you or your relationship needs… and you are the expert in that.

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